Monday, January 04, 2010


Wow, it's been almost a full year since I posted last.  Very strange since I really like posting journal type things.  
Little update..Lola is now 5 years old, Gigi is 3 and our newest member is Mimi.  She's 16 weeks old.
My girls are wonderful, beautiful, smart, stubborn, loud, funny and a hand full.
Lola is in Pre-k (again).  She was born in September and didn't beat the school cut off.  I feel as if we may hae made a mistake not sending her to kindergarten early only  because she is so ready to learn.  She's bored almost to tears these days but she has her two little sisters to keep her busy.
Gigi is a riot.  She is going to  be 4 in April.  She unfortunately isn't in school at the moment.  I can't wait until she is...because she's tired of being home with me.  She needs the social aspect of school.  She's learned so many things from Lola already.
Mimi, what a beautiful child.  She's a perfect mix of Lola and Gigi.  The older girls couldn't love her any more if they tried.  
I of course am hoping to work on losing weight again this year.  Beginning tomorrow I am joining a Biggest Loser Challenge at my chiroprator's office.  There are incentives and two of my closest friends are also joining.  Wish me luck, it lasts for 15 weeks.  

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who is this?

I love looking at old phots, then looing in the mirror. This is a picture of me from 5 or 6 years ago. I have to say, I don't look anything like myself here. Do you know when this picture was taken I felt SO very fat. HA! I look so skinny in this picture. I guess this will have to be the basis of what to strive for in my battle to lose 100+ lbs. I don't feel comfortable placing a picture here that shows what I look like now. I think it would be awesome if while my kids are small they can get to know the girl in the picture. She was a lot more fun, witty, sarcastic, funny, outgoing, adventurous than the newer version. So, here's to TRYING to get to the Y to work out.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

As usual, I don't blog enough. Ms. Rella has turned 2 and Smirkie is almost finished with her first year of preschool.
It's finally not cold and snowy. the weather has been nice and sometimes rainy.
I have lots of pictures to upload. YAY.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here's is a recent picture of Catherine and Evelyn. I can't believe how big they're both getting. Catherine looks like a little adult to me. Evie is really starting to resemble Catherine.
Anyways, Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My 2 Girls

Wow, I haven't been here in a long time. Since the last time. Catherine has turned 3, started preschool, is completely potty trained (nighttime doesn't count). Dh is working two jobs. I've joined the Y and have only gone once in a month since Evie and I ended up with pneumonia and Catherine with a nasty cold. So much for losing all my weight. Otherwise things are normal.
Catherine LOVES school. She has learned so much. Luckily in her class there are two teachers and one is a bilingual teacher. She has helped Catherine learn more Spanish. She and Evie are beginning to look more and more alike.
They are both VERY competitive already, with each other. They love each other so much but boy can they fight. I terrified of what it'll be like in a few years.
See, Catherine is 3 1/2 and weighs 34 lbs. Evie is 22 months and weighs 30lbs. Evie seems to defend herself better than Catherine and I think thats just because I always want Catherine to be careful with Evie (since she's the baby). Apparently they look a lot alike as well.

Until next time...Ciao

Monday, August 13, 2007

the girls

Well, I can't believe that it's already the middle of August. Catherine will be 3 in about a month. Evie's going to be 16 months in about a week. They both like to push my buttons. Evie is beginning to talk more. She loves saying NO!, Daddy, tickle tickle, Issy (Missy the cat), Aby (baby the cat), Mama, and her favorite GET DOWN! I'm still trying to get Catherine fully potty trained. I've been a bit lazy about it. But we're getting there. Catherine is obsessed with the idea of going to school. I'm hoping to get her signed up into a preschool classroom a few times a week come fall.
They love the apartment that we're living in but we all miss the yard from the house.
Catherine finally sleeps in her own bedroom with Evie. Thank goodness.

They are healthy, stubborn, funny, cute, outgoing and sneaky. I'm happy with that. Even though I bitch a lot.